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Ojai Weekend Workshop June 23-24

Weekend Intensive       With Heather Rose


Saturday and Sunday June 23 & 24 from 2-6 pm $500(includes introductory workshop Friday night if you would like to join)

Are you ready to heal on the deepest level?  Do you feel powerless in the midst of environmental destruction and social injustice?  We have the ability to heal our lives and work together energetically to create changes in our relationships, family, community, and planet. 

This weekend intensive workshop is a powerful personal energetic journey to understand, awaken, and heal the chakras and multidimensional self through this life and all lifetimes.  You will clear deep ancestral trauma and unconscious patterns; heal your personal lineage, and DNA.  You will learn energetic tools to create change personally and globally.  The focus for our class is to align with and manifest a reality that is co-creative, abundant, joyful, inclusive, and honoring for all.

This class will begin a sacred and beautiful journey to discover you are a universal being who has power to live an authentic and fulfilling life and contribute to healing the Earth and Humanity.