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Diving into The Divine Feminine Class Series

5 week class series (Open to 10 Participants)

May 17-June 14, 2018 (class day may change depending on the needs of participants)

6-8 pm

Tuition $500

The divine feminine is the creator and source of all life in the universe.  10,000 years of the patriarchy has buried this feminine force into almost extinction.  Yet deep within every woman, are the powerful feminine forces ready to re-awaken.  We carry within our DNA our ancestral connection to the priestess temples and all of the goddess archetypes from every culture and every time.  In the modern day we are taught from a young age that we have few choices as a woman-either to be beautiful and a trophy to men, be masculine and assert our power in dominating ways, or to be intellectual.  Yet women are multi-faceted, magical, multi-dimensional, and we carry within us the very source energy that creates worlds.  

This class will use ceremony and work with a different goddess each week.  Through ritual based in love and light and energetic journeying, we will heal the shadow of each goddess and embody her gifts and light within our bodies.  Women have had life changing breakthroughs in this course that offer them their true power, freedom, and the joy of living their gifts.