Testimonials-School for Earth Healers Level 1 Graduates

I wasn't sure what exactly Earth Healer's School was, but 1) I know that the earth needs healing and 2) I knew that I had to be here to participate in this course even not knowing what I was signing up to attend.  However, I am glad that I did!!  Heather creates and holds an amazing space to go deep into your own healing which ultimately is par for the course of all Earth's journey.  Heather is a true combination of Shaman, Goddess and Humble Warrior all wrapped up in one.  I noticed a lot of shifts in my energy as well as my life during this time.  I also met some pretty terrific people in the class as well.  I only wish the class was longer.  

Susan L., Founder of Raven Foundation

I have spent many years looking for someone to help me grow and reclaim my power. Heather is not only a genuinely powerful and authentic shaman but she is humble and sincere. When she holds space, she lovingly guides each person towards their light. After each session in the School for Earth Healers I felt layers of my ego melting away. I had some of the most profound messages come through the meditations in class. My relationships with everyone around me started to grow and heal in many ways. In addition to all the healing work we do, the knowledge she shares of the cosmic journey we are on aides the healing process in deprogramming our minds to free space for the truth that so desperately needs to be KNOWN and spread in our collective consciousness. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to her. I am eternally grateful.

Skye B., Yoga Teacher/Workshop Faciitator

I originally met Heather at her Tools for Empaths class back in December. I was a mess energetically, physically, and emotionally. I had just come home from a dual diagnosis rehab to deal with anxiety, depression and get off of opiates that I had been on for 20 years for chronic pain.  I have had chronic low back pain since I was young adult and ended up with spinal fusion surgery in 2013. I also have chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms. Coming home from a 28 day stay at a facility, I was put on 28mg of Suboxone every day, for several years prior I had been taking Gabapentin for nerve pain, Lomictal for a mood stabilizer, Trazadone to sleep and Prozac for depression. All of these medications were being used when I first met with Heather. It was divine timing that the course was available so soon after getting home. I had exhausted the medical field for my problems and was ready to try a different way. I also had been struggling with edema and constant bruising everywhere.   Even being new to energy work, meditation, etc... I felt a deep pull to work with Heather. It was the best thing that I have ever done. She is an amazing healer and with her healing, help and support I have come so far. I had done several appointments with Heather and the first things that I noticed was the edema and bruising was gone. I was able to get off the Trazadone for sleep and start tapering off the Suboxone. I then signed up and took her Earth Healers Course and the amount of energy movement and healing that happened was amazing. I am now off of all of my medications and have tapered down to 2mg of Suboxone a day. I am working on getting all the way off. If I hadn't worked with Heather I would never have been able to be where I am at today!   I am forever grateful to and for Heather and her abilities. She has a loving healing touch. She has given me the wisdom, tools and courage to be who I am. She has been supportive, encouraging, challenged me and most of all believed in me enough that I could believe in myself. I feel blessed to have met such an awesome powerful woman! Thank you Heather

Celeste B., Social Worker

I just completed the 8-week School for Earth Healers Level 1 course with Heather.  She has a true gift and is very skilled.  I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to advance their personal healing skills to help heal our planet!

Rick B., Business Owner


Client Testimonials

Heather has powerful healing energy.  I was going through a heavy time and her spiritual guidance led me to a brighter, healthier place.  I will always be grateful for her empathy, compassion, and wisdom.

Dawna K., Sierra Club