What is Quantum Energy Therapy™?

(Please choose Initial Quantum Energy Therapy session when booking your first session. This is 30 minutes longer to allow for intake and deeper healing needed)

Quantum Energy Therapy™ (QET) weaves ancient and modern healing techniques and practices including: Reiki, Polarity, Pranic Healing, and other eastern healing methods.  Principles of quantum physics are taught and woven into each session.  Blocks in one’s life and outer reality are identified and corresponding blocks in the body are treated.  Shamanic processing is used to identify and clear soul wounds and false beliefs that have been carried for many lifetimes. 

Quantum Energy Therapy™ (QET) is a healing system based on principles of quantum physics.  Most energy (90% according to some quantum physicists) is unseen and this includes the energy of our bodies.  We are not just cells, skin, bones, and organs.  We are complex energetic beings and we interact on this level all the time. Our multi-dimensional selves include our chakra system, meridians and acupuncture points, and our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  When any part of our system is damaged or unbalanced, our entire self and life is affected.   

Imbalance or damage occurs when we have unresolved emotional trauma, physical trauma that is still present in our energetic bodies, or blocks in our energy field.  These blocks impede proper energy flow and eventually lead to physical disease.  Tibetan monks believe that diseases like cancer are simply blocks in our energy that have been there for a long time.

What to expect in a session

Sessions last 60 minutes(extra session time available upon request for an additional cost).  You will remain fully clothed and lie on a massage table.  Heather works with hands on and off the body.  She clears blockages and repairs distortions in the chakras and energy bodies.  Past lives and soul wounds can be uncovered and healed.  Dialoguing is part of the session and Heather works to release whatever is ready to be released.  She then brings in the healing and transforming energy of universal love and light.

People experience pain reduction and relief, a deeper connection to source, better relationship with family members and loved ones, a sense of truth and balance, and relief from chronic conditions.  QET is a wonderful compliment to all healing modalities. It also supports the body during any medical treatment and can reduce side effects of medication.  QET is beneficial pre- and post-surgery and during chemotherapy. 

Some of the conditions QET can help: 


Recovery from accidents

Sports injuries    Muscle Pain

Migraines           Headaches

Insomnia        ADD/ADHD 

High blood pressure        Heart Disease

Depression          Anxiety

Eating Disorders

Chronic pain