The School for Earth Healers Class Series



Class Description

The School for Earth Healers

Are you ready to heal on the deepest level?   Do you feel

powerless in the midst of environmental destruction and

social injustice? We have the ability to change our lives

personally and work together energetically to create

changes in our relationships, family, community, and







This 8-week course will clear deep ancestral trauma and

unconscious patterns, heal your personal lineage, and

DNA. You will learn energetic tools to create change

personally and globally. It is time to stop fighting against

what we do not want and focus our powerful intention

and choice to create the positive reality we want to live in.


The focus for our class is to create a reality that is

inclusive, co-creative, prosperous, and joyful.

This is a limitless universe where everyone has a right to

live their divine person and share their gifts and the truth

of who they are. This class will begin a sacred and beautiful

journey to discover you are a universal being who has

power to live and authentic and fulfilling life and

contribute to healing the Earth and Humanity.