Energetic Tools for Empathic, Sensitive, and Psychic Teens

Bi-monthly 4 class series 2/7, 2/21, 3/7/ &3/21 $40 per class

This healing and life changing class will be part teaching about your energetic nature and the multi-dimensional nature of reality, guided meditations and healing journeys, and the practice of council used by tribes to speak and listen from the heart in sacred space.


·      Energetic tools that will allow you to feel your own energy even in the most challenging situations. 

·      About your chakras and how to clear, balance, heal, and utilize these powerful centers to create a better life, relationships, and world.

·       Tools to heal depression and anxiety naturally using meditation and energy techniques that work!

·      To align with you soul and divine purpose so you can create and live a life you love!

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